CANABIDOL 1000mg Raw CBD Oil (10ml/10%)


Raw Edition – 10% CBD Oil

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  • Full lab reports featured on every Canabidol CBD product.
  • Raw edition of Canabidol featuring a full spectrum plant extract product containing nothing but nature’s goodness!
  • Safe to use for the entire family.
  • Canabidol is the UK & Ireland’s fastest selling CBD brand.
  • Canabidol is one of the oldest CBD brands available on the market today – being over 3 years old.
  • Full spectrum CBD blend containing 500mg cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDv, CBDa & more.

Canabidol’s orginal product line – now rebranded the “RAW” edition. The Raw edition features nothing but full spectrum plant extract – nothing other than what nature intended. If you want a full spectrum product with as little refining done as possible, we truly do recommend the raw product range.

All products featured from Canabidol are family friendly & will not produce a high of any sort whilst using these products meaning you can continue about your daily business as required with no side effects.

Clarity from seed to shelf is what Canabidol stand for & you see this throughout the entire process. From the very planting of the seed to the selling of the oil, Canabidol have a guaranteed quality control system which ensures the customer receives the perfect product.

Our products are fully natural – featuring no external chemicals to interfere with the product/CBD contained within.

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Canabidol is the UK & Ireland's best selling CBD oil brand due to its innovative processes and wide range of CBD oil products. Canabidol products have existed within the market for as long as 3 years now which makes it one of the oldest CBD oil brands available in a market that is constantly growing. Being old doesn't mean being outdated though - the Canabidol range has expanded massively within the past few months and continues to do so with new Canabidol products featuring CBD E-Liquids, upcoming CBD terpene infused teas and even CBD chocolate! How ever you wish to ingest CBD, whether it’s CBD capsules or with organic CBD oil directly under the tongue, with CBD Relief UK you can be assured that you are receiving the very best quality products.

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