HARMONY Wild Strawberry CBD E-Liquid


Terpene Infused

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  • Created with vapers & hemp in heart.
  • Full lab report to coincide with the product.
  • Europe’s best selling CBD E-Liquid products.
  • 80 VG / 20 PG base mixture – will work with most e-cigarettes.
  • Great “all-day” vape – more like traditional e-liquids.
  • Super Critical Co2 Extracted ensuring the most pure product is created.

Harmony’s CBD classic’s range was formed with both vapers & hemp at heart. It is made up from traditional, much loved flavours such as mint & strawberry with Harmony’s usual terpene approach. The e-liquids also feature a touch of hemp ensuring you’re never to far away from the beloved taste.

CBD Classic’s range is the best product for cigarette smokers or vapers who are looking for a CBD e-liquid with great “all day vape” flavours so be sure to pick yours up!

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Wild Strawberry


30mg, 100mg, 300mg, 600mg



The Harmony CBD product range features some of Europe's most popular CBD products - their speciality within the CBD market no doubt falls to their CBD e-liquid range. Our Harmony CBD e-liquid range features everything from terpene infused e-liquids tasting exactly like selected strains of cannabis to traditional, everyday flavours such as mint, strawberry or even that original authentic hemp taste. With family-run farms developing their CBD oil products and using a forward-thinking approach to cannabinoid science, Harmony place a high importance on improving lives with their high quality CBD products. Opt for Harmony CBD products to begin your CBD journey and see the potential benefits with their low strength CBD oil products before moving onto medium strength CBD if required.

How To Take Harmony CBD Oil:

Simply take one dropper once or twice daily, adjust as needed to match your own personal required dosage. Due to individual biometrics, required dosages will not be the same for everyone.
  • Available in 4 strengths; 100mg, 300mg, 1000mg & 3000mg CBD.
  • Keep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Harmony products are 100% vegan and non-GMO.
  • No THC within Harmony products - meaning no psychoactive or 'high' feeling.

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